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LEAF Institute for Blended and Online Learning » Online Teaching: Fundamentals of Instruction

Online Teaching: Fundamentals of Instruction

Course Duration: Eight weeks total, two weeks per module. Approximately six hours per week.

Audience: K-12 teachers

Format: Four two week modules. Each module includes one week of self-paced and one week of collaborative instruction. The collaborative sessions are fully facilitated.

Course Description: Online Teaching: Fundamentals of Instruction focuses on the principles and best practices of successful online teaching on any platform. Participants practice specific communication skills, how to manage feedback appropriately, and analyze and solve common problems. Through class activities, collaboration with colleagues, and dedicated coaching from the course instructor, participants will gain the necessary skills to nurture a reflective online learning community.

Course Outline: Download PDF

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Module 1: Preparing to Teach the Course

  • Expectations and Roles
  • Security and Legal
  • Technical
  • Communication Plan
  • Tone and Voice

Module 2: Communicating with Students

  • Keep It Positive
  • Supporting Statements
  • Empathy Statements
  • Approval Statements
  • Neutral Correction

Module 3: Enriching Online Discussions

  • Diagnosing Discussions and Deepening the Dialogue
  • Problem Solving Approaches
  • Wrapping and Weaving

Module 4: Developing a Learning Community

  • Community Building: 1st steps
  • Community Building: Ongoing
  • Collaboration Tools and Tips
  • Next Steps
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