Institute Partners:

The LEAF Institute for Blended and Online Learning was developed through a partnership between LEAF, Inc. and PLS 3rd Learning. In 2016, the partnership expanded to include the NUSUT Education& Learning Trust (ELT). Together, these three organizations provide valuable support for progressive leaders and teachers in K-12 schools within New York State.

About LEAF, Inc.:

Established in 2006, the Leadership for Educational Achievement Foundation, Inc. (LEAF, Inc.) is a 501 (c) 3 organization that serves as the professional development arm of The New York State Council of School Superintendents (The Council). LEAF, Inc. provides high-quality professional learning to support the development of superintendents and school district leadership team members. In partnership with The Council, LEAF’s programs are research-based, aligned to the needs of the field, responsive to changing expectations for school leaders, and cost-effective.

About the NYSUT Education & Learning Trust:

The NYSUT Education & Learning Trust’s (ELT) mission is to offer innovative programs that are affordable, flexible, and research based. Available for all teachers and school-related professionals (SRPs), ELT programs are modeled on best practices, current research-based strategies, and classroom application.

ELT instructors are the best in their profession. Union leaders, school district officials and Teacher Center directors have come to depend upon ELT’s dynamic instructors over the past 30 years for professional development of the highest quality. Our application-based model and adherence to the principle of “members teaching members” contributes to the success of our offerings.

ELT offers a wide variety of professional development opportunities, site-based and online, to meet the needs of NYSUT members.

About PLS 3rd Learning:

PLS 3rd Learning co-creates projects and initiatives with partnering organizations to support teaching and learning. The custom technology projects, combined with unique professional learning opportunities, allow PLS 3rd Learning to assist educators and advance their continued professional growth. Across NY State, PLS 3rd Learning’s curriculum management and standards-based system,, provides educators with the educational resources and tools necessary to achieve their curricular and instructional goals.

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Presented by LEAF, Inc. and NYSCOSS, in partnership with PLS 3rd Learning. Teacher courses are sponsored by NYSUT ELT.

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